Tuber Sale Sellers Info

Benefits of Selling at the VDS Tuber Sale!
  • Recycle and give new homes to your extra tubers
  • Earn money to purchase more tubers
  • Half the selling price goes to VDS, an important fundraiser
  • Get your tubers ready for planting
  • After the sale look for the boxes marked “Donation Tubers” where you can donate your unsold tubers.
    • These tubers will be used for subsequent sales and all proceeds will go to the Vancouver Dahlia Society

Thank you for interest in the tuber sale. The club needs to balance the demand for tubers with ensuring that we maintain quality with a focus on show quality dahlias. For that reason there are a couple of rules below for anyone who would like to sell.

A Few rules
  • All sellers are current members of the Vancouver Dahlia Society.
  • The seller is also required to volunteer for the day at the sale.
  • Seller must have a bar code and print labels according to a specific layout below.
  • Tubers must be in excellent condition, free of virus and have a visible eye.
  • Tubers will be laid out on the sale tables by size and form if they are registered with the American Dahlia Society (
  • If tubers are not registered with the ADS they should be sold as garden dahlias and displayed on the garden dahlias sale tables. The label should include a name, colour, size of bloom, height of plant and form if known. Garden flower tubers will be $6.
  • Unnamed tubers can be sold as ‘mystery tubers’ on the garden dahlia tables. Put 3 tubers in a bag and sell for $6.
  • Please send a picture of unregistered dahlias to the tuber sale committee at least two weeks prior to the sale. These photos must be your photos and not from commercial sites.
  • Please provide a list of the tubers you plan to sell to the tuber sale committee at least two weeks prior to the sale. This is so that the photo boards accurately show what varieties are available.
  • Please count your tubers before placing in case of a discrepancy
  • Sellers are expected to replace tubers if they do not grow.
  • Any tubers that do not meet these requirements can be removed from the sale bench by the tuber sale committee.

If you are selling for the first time, seller numbers and bar codes will be available as of January from the tuber sale committee.

Tuber Sale Card Layout
Tuber Sale Card Sample

This is an example of a label with a photo and a barcode. The Vancouver Dahlia Society has made a template document to help you in creating the labels. You can find more information here.


If you are handwriting your labels, the barcode can be printed on address labels and stuck to either your label or to the bag.

  1. The size should be a minimum of 4″ x 2″.
  2. Try and put some kind of identifying colour or symbol (example has a coloured bar at the top) on the label, this makes it easier for pickup at the end of the day.
  3. You no longer need to put your seller number on the label, it is in the bar code. However you still need to put the price on the label for the public to see. Ensure the barcode is not blurry or too small so that it can be easily scanned by the cash register.
  4. The price (found in the current price list) goes down in the right bottom corner.
  5. On left side can go either a photo (preferred) and description or just the description.
  6. Tuber details include Dahlia Name, Size, Form, Colour and the Height it grows. This information is on the price list.
  7. In the left hand bottom corner your name and phone number. This is so a buyer can contact you if they have any concerns about the tuber they purchased.
  8. Lastly, please attach your label to the OUTSIDE of the bag. This makes it easier to view the tuber inside the bag.